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Authors at DividendStocks.com

Chris Markoch Profile

Chris Markoch

Chris Markoch is a financial copywriter who has been covering the markets for over six years. Chris tries to connect with investors by offering perspectives on stocks based on his strong background in business and marketing. He looks for the trends in society and in business that are moving stocks in a certain direction. Chris believes in a strategy of long-term investing, but will occasionally guide investors to opportunities to trade on the news. You can find more of his writing on Marketbeat.com.
Thomas Hughes Profile

Thomas Hughes

Thomas Hughes is a long-time market-watcher, trader, and armchair economist with over 15 years of experience. If there is a market traded for money with price charts and news he is interested in it. Over the years Thomas has covered everything from stocks to options, FOREX, gold, oil, and cryptocurrencies. His personal investing style is focused growth, value, and dividends with a sub-focus on dividend-growth. In his opinion, the best investments are ones where technicals and fundamentals align. Thomas is married and has two children, he and his family live in western North Carolina.

Melissa Brock Profile

Melissa Brock

Melissa Brock is a personal finance aficionada and a prolific writer of investing content. Throughout her career, she has worked in higher education, financial media, and as a small business owner with her own site, College Money Tips.

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